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"Implementing Meaningful, Positive, and Creative
Change for Children, Teens and their families!"


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Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T, Inc. was founded in 2017, in Palestine, Texas.  We began as a mentoring program for elementary and high school students within the local community.   Since then, we have grown and expanded our organization and services throughout the state, in two additional localities to include Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin.  Our services, programs and activities cover a broad range of needs for those we serve.  Be sure to click on the 'Programs' link for details and again, thank you for visiting!

Community Service

Our Beliefs

A Community Of Responsibility Everywhere (C.O.R.E.)

Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T's Community Of Responsibility Everywhere (C.O.R.E.) Values are embedded in the structure of our organization. 

Within each program and service we offer, our goal is to display the following: 


Collaborating with organizations that share common goals allows us to exemplify the value of community. 



We believe that families are the experts about their family.  We will make our best efforts to provide programs, services and activities that are in alignment with strengthening families.



We encourage and promote diversity in every aspect of our organization, from the clients we serve, to the individuals we hire and those who volunteer.  We respect, encourage and grow from diversity.



We pride ourselves on being genuine and true concerning the services, programs, and activities we offer.





As we conduct business in the community and beyond, ethical behavior and business practices are at the forefront of our operations, business partnerships and collaborations.

Our honesty and transparency gives those we serve a reason to want to do business with us.  

Making honesty a core value in business is a very smart business practice. 

Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T, Incorporated, prides itself on doing just that.  As a result, our reputation is known to be one that is trustworthy and possesses integrity.

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