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Ways to Donate
Your donation of any amount, goes a long way to help us continue to provide quality services and programming to those we serve.  Scroll down to see the available options for submitting your donation.  All donations are tax deductible. No matter how large or small, your contribution will definitely make an I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T now and for years to come!  Thank you!

You can make a donation through Zelle. 

Our email address is

Donate via Cashapp

Scan the QR Code or use cash tag:


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You can make your donation at any Bank of America Location to:  Progressive Impaccct

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Want to become a  Volunteer?

We are excited about your interest in becoming a volunteer with Progressive  I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T, Incorporated. We believe it is  vitally important that we serve with moral  integrity, skill, honesty, and a heart for  families and children! Adults who are in positions of authority in the community are required to be examples in faith, conduct,  and business affairs at ALL times.  

Upon acceptance as a volunteer, you will be  subject to a criminal background check and  required to complete an orientation class.  The class will serve as an opportunity to  become familiar with the history, rules and regulations of the organization and programs.  You will also be given the opportunity to ask  any questions you may have regarding the organization.

Once again we are excited about your  interest in Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T,  Incorporated and look forward to working with  you. 

NOTE: Findings on a criminal background report DOES NOT  automatically disqualify an applicant from becoming a  volunteer. Each application will be evaluated on a case  by case basis. If necessary , an interview will be  conducted.

Thank you for your willingness to serve!

Please complete the form below...thanks!

Thanks for submitting!

By clicking the 'Submit' button, I affirm the information I have given is correct and may be verified if necessary. I understand  that I am a volunteer and will commit to the program for  a term of at least one year. Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T,  Incorporated officials reserves the right to disqualify me  from my volunteer position for any reason it deems  appropriate. I hereby release and hold Progressive  I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T, Incorporated harmless from all claims  arising under this application. 

By clicking the 'Submit' button, I authorize Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T,  Incorporated to obtain information, written, oral, or  other, from any law enforcement agency, or other  persons with knowledge of such information, bearing on  my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, criminal background and driving  record. Progressive I.M.P.a.C.C.C.T, Incorporated  reserves the right to conduct this investigation at any  time

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