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Youth Conference

Our Programs

Our services, programs and activities are designed with the whole family in mind.  Our strategy when planning to serve is based on the needs of our clients.  Offering programs and services that aid families in balancing their daily lives is one of our main goals.  As we continue to grow and expand, our level of service and availability will grow as well.  In our best efforts to provide the population we serve with a quality experience, we collaborate with other community agencies and organizations and will provide our clients with the appropriate referral, if necessary.

Be Someone

Mentoring Program

for Girls

This is a mentoring program for girls from 3rd-12th grades.  Beautiful Sistas On the Move as One or Be Someone (BSOM1),  works hard to encourage girls and young women to take charge of their lives, overcome obstacles, and discover how exciting it is just to be themselves.  We offer girls a safe platform to  speak up, share their thoughts, interest, feelings and discuss issues they  believe are important to society.  We raise awareness and encourage them to address issues such as body shaming, bullying and relational aggression.  The Be Someone team offers programming anywhere girls can be found, including schools, churches, community centers and housing projects.  

A Chosen Generation

Mentoring Program

for Boys

This mentoring program is designed for males in grades  3-12 who need mentoring and guidance.  This program will include guest speakers, field trips, and activities to enhance, motivate and encourage all boys and young men in their  community.  This population may include young men and boys in the community who are considered “at-risk” due to their education, poverty level, single parent households, etc. The Be Someone team offers programming anywhere girls can be found, including schools, churches, community centers and housing projects.  

Feed Everybody Every Day (F.E.E.D)

Food Program

This program provides assistance to those unable to qualify for the Federal SNAP program due to other disqualifications other than failure to comply with employment requirements and failure to apply/recertify.  Applicants MUST provide a denial/closure letter or other verifying documentation such as earned income verification exceeding the limits for SNAP benefits.  During the last 10 days of the month, those receiving SNAP benefits may qualify for assistance depending on the availability of funds.  Services will also be available during local and natural disasters.  Other factors are used to determine eligibility for this service     

Kids Individually Determined to Succeed Summer Camp


Please check back periodically for information about this program.

After School Academic Program

Please check back periodically for information about this program.

Paths Progression Logo (1).jpg

Paths 2 Progression

Reentry Program

Paths 2 Progression is a reentry program committed to assisting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals make a seamless transition back into society by providing them with essential elements necessary to maximize their potential, increase their opportunities to become successful, productive citizens of their communities.  Participants include those who have been involved in the adult and juvenile justice systems.

Soap and Suds Homeless Intervention and Prevention Program

This service is offered to provide regular hygiene, laundry kits coordinated with showers and laundry services to those homeless individuals and families who are seeking assistance.  We believe families are the experts about their family, so we make our best efforts to provide programs, services and activities that align with strengthening families and their basic needs.  We strive to provide these services to our clients with the utmost dignity and respect.

Helping Young Parents Excel



This program consists of a team dedicated to teenage parents who attend school, work, and must raise their children.  Assisting with daily needs such as diapers, parent education, employment information and college admission assistance are a few of the services provided within this program.  The dream of attending college is not lost.  Children often become the driving force and motivation that young parents need to do their very best and provide a comfortable life in the future for their families.  The H.Y.P.E. the program's goal is definitely to help young parents excel.

Activities and Courses for Enrichment (A.C.E.)

Please check back periodically for information about this program.

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